March 21


Texas Toast Sloppy Joe’s

These were easy to make and a big hit with the whole fam. L needed a bit of help figuring out how to eat them (he hates getting his fingers dirty while eating… yes, really…). But once he finally dug in, he enjoyed it! We served these the first night with corn on the cob, then had the leftovers with potato salad.

I think I’m going to merge a bit of project365 with dinner ideas! I love making new things, but after I make something one time I tend to forget about it. This way, I can just search back through my blog for random dinner ideas before I head to the grocery store. I like to multi-task.

One response to “March 21

  1. The Hungry Housewife

    YEAH!!! I am glad y’all loved it! Thanks for putting the link to my blog! :)

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